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Learning Disability Awareness Training

 Registration is closed for this event
  • Differentiate between ‘learning disability’ and ‘learning difficulty’
  • Discuss how learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder overlap
  • Describe some of the things people with learning disabilities may find difficult and why
  • Describe what can go wrong in the care of people with learning disabilities
  • Reflect on how attitudes towards impairments and disabilities, and including people in their own care are essential for promoting well-being for the individual
  • Discuss what 'reasonable adjustment' means and how to adjust the way that care is delivered to people with learning disabilities
  • Explain how early detection of learning disabilities can improve how care is provided and support is given
  • Explain the legislation and policies that are designed to promote and protect human rights including the concepts of capacity and consent
  • Discuss the importance of reporting concerns and identify how concerns can be reported according to local policy and guidelines
7th December, 2019 10:00 AM through  5:00 PM
BAY 20 Community Space
71 St Marks Road
London, W10 6JG